Frédéric Chenu

Reading François Roustang’s works was a trigger for Frédéric Chenu, who in 2014 decided to train in hypnosis with Kevin Finel. Certified master practitioner, he quickly opened his consulting practice near Nantes and put his career as a public servant on hold.
His research began 30 years ago with the discovery of aikido and the regenerative movement (katsugen undo). Intensive practice of tatami mats opens up a different perception of the body to associate anchoring with relaxation.

A few years later, Frédéric decides to move to Bombay for a time with his family to follow the non-dualistic teaching of Ranjit Maharaj. Simple and radical, the philosopher opens up this path for him which consists of becoming aware of false identifications in order to better detach himself from them. Today Frederic tries to apply this teaching while continuing to study martial arts on a daily basis. His practice of hypnosis was nourished by the meeting and numerous exchanges with Bernard Sensfelder and is more than ever part of François Roustang’s legacy: abandon all intention and let it happen….